12 Helpful Kitchen Tools for Hosting Easter Dinner

This collection of 12 kitchen tools will help you cook a killer Easter dinner a little easier and faster and look good doing it! 

list of 12 kitchen tools for making easter dinner

  1. All Clad Stainless Steel Frying Pans  these are excellent pans.  Both Debbie and I have these and love them.  They are super versatile and are great for getting a nice deep sear on meat.  We also love that they are easy to clean and don’t have a toxic non-stick coating that will scratch and wear and leach into your food.  This also means they will last a very long time.
  2. Cool Salad or Serving Bowl – this bowl is sure to be a conversation piece on your Easter table!
  3. Fat Separator  if you are making gravy of any kind, you need this!  The fat in the drippings rises to the top and when you pour, the flavor drippings pour out without the fat!
  4. Easter Wine Glass Markers  the cutest little wine glass markers that I have seen! Perfect for Easter with cute little bunny tails.
  5. Serving Platter  – this is a pretty turkey serving platter.  I love the cute white meat and dark meat sides 🙂
  6. Cute Apron We love our families and we know you do too!
  7. All Clad Stainless Steel Roaster – this is a kick ass roaster for turkey or a nice big ham.  Easy to clean, non toxic, and built to last.  It will likely be one  you pass on to your kids.
  8. Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven – a beautiful dutch oven that’s great for cooking all sorts of meat dishes.  Short ribs, ham, potatoes, soups, and more…
  9. Silicone Turkey Lifter – have you ever had a tough time getting a hot slippery turkey out of the roaster?  Not with this turkey lifter.  Its so awesome!
  10. Potato Ricer – a potato ricer makes creamy and fluffy mashed potatoes with no lumps!  I get comments on my killer mashed potatoes every time I use my potato ricer.
  11. Turkey Brining Bags brining your turkey is the best way to ensure a moist and juicy turkey.  These bags make brining your turkey really easy and convenient.
  12. Pretty Serving Bowls – pretty serving bowls make your Easter table look great.

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