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12 Super Bowl Appetizers & Cocktails plus Tips and Ideas to Make your Party a Success

Super bowl appetizers and cocktails to help you plan your party menu for the game!  We’ve also included tips and ideas to help make your party easier and successful!

Need a little help with your Super Bowl party menu?

Debbie and I are not huge football fans.  However we both really enjoy watching the game, and we’ll get right into it.  We can definitely appreciate a skillfully executed play!  The excitement of the Super Bowl and the urgency of the players and coaches are infectious.  But the best part for us, is getting together with some of our favorite people to watch the game, eat good food and have a cocktail or two.

So… we have put together some super bowl appetizers and cocktail ideas to help you plan the perfect spread for your game day party.

Superbowl Party Food

All of these Super Bowl appetizers are either simple to make or you are able to make all or most of it ahead of time and then just throw in the oven or skillet as your guest arrive.  Either way, the more you can make ahead of time, the easier and less stressful the big day will be.

crack nuts & bolts with homemade ranch seasoning

This addicting snack will be the best nuts and bolts you’ve had without any crappy ingredients.

Crack Nuts and Bolts with Homemade Ranch Dressing

oven fried pickles with buffalo cilantro lime mayo

A healthy and easy version of my favorite fried appetizer with a spicy sauce to kick up the flavor.

Oven Fried Pickles

whiskey beef sliders with caramelized onions, bacon & homemade buns

Oh my god these are good.  The sauce, the buns, the patties, the bacon….!!!  Did I mention the sauce?!  You don’t have to make your own buns, but Debbie’s recipe is so good!

Whiskey Beef Sliders with Homemade Buns

short rib flatbread pizza with potatoes & gruyere

Flatbread pizza is one of our favorite super bowl appetizers because its finger food, you can make it ahead of time, its filling, and it goes excellent with beer!

mini twice baked potatoes with farmer sausage, sundried tomato and gruyere

These one or two biters are packed full of flavor and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Mini Twice Baked Potatoes with Farmer Sausage, Sundried Tomato and Gruyere

hot onion and gruyere dip

Hands down our favorite dip in the whole word.  If you love cheese and onions and bacon, it will be yours too.

Hot Onion and Gruyere Dip

taco chili cheese dip

This is a serious man pleaser.  Every time we make this, all the guys just cluster around the dish and polish it off quick.

Taco Chili Cheese Dip

our favorite tomato, pepper, feta & basil bruschetta

Super bowl appetizers that appeals to both the gals and the guys is always a win and this one does the trick.  The flavors just pop!

Tomato, Pepper & Basil Bruschetta

tequila & lime steak tacos with pico de gallo

A little more substantial than the other super bowl appetizers.  Amazing flavor and super fresh!

Tequila & Lime Steak Tacos with Pico de Gallo

Super Bowl Cocktails

Your Super Bowl party menu is not complete without cocktails…

blood orange & grapefruit beer cocktail

Its blood orange season so take advantage and mix the juice with grapefruit beer and a little rum.  You will love it as much as we do.

Blood Orange & Grapefruit Beer Cocktail

bull dog margarita (beergarita)

Frozen lime margarita with a beer dumped in.  Please tell me who wouldn’t be down with that?

Bull Dog Margarita (Beergarita)

hard lemon & raspberry iced tea

Make a big pitcher of this and have extra. You will need it!

Raspberry Hard Iced Tea

Decorating and Super Bowl Party Tips

Just our two cents to help you pull off your super bowl party effortlessly

  1. Use paper plates!  Make clean up as easy as possible…
  2. Have some non alcoholic drinks on hand for non-drinkers or kids that might be tagging along
  3. Have plenty of ice!
  4. Coolers, buckets and small tubs are great as functional decorations.
  5. Set your table up before people arrive with food that isn’t hot then at half time serve your hot food.
  6. Organize betting pools. These games can be organized in a way that even the guests who don’t know a thing about football can join in.  Bet on who will score the next touchdown or any other aspect of the game.  Keep the wagers low.
  7. Don’t try to decorate the whole room.  Pick a focal point and make it look awesome.  Your food and drink service area for example.
  8. Make sure to have some healthy food as well as some more indulgent food to suit different preferences and diets.

Super Bowl Party Decor

Now you don’t have to go as all out as these ladies, but these are so awesome for inspiration!

  1. Kara from Kara’s Party Ideas shows how to make a beautiful game day spread.  You wouldn’t normally think of beautiful and football as being synonymous, but she pulls it off!


2.   And my personal favorite, Chris from Celebrations at Home helps you plan a stylish and stress free Super Bowl party and offers up more tips for a an easy football party.


And there you have it!  A Super Bowl party menu, tips for a stress free day, and a few ideas from the party experts.  Let us know how your Super Bowl party went.  We would love to hear from you!

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