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Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan

Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan

Raise your hand if you secretly love cotton candy? Its crazy sweet, but if its around, I always have to have a bite.  Or two.  I love that melt in your mouth thing that it does.  So if it’s fun to eat off a stick, how much more fun would it be to put some in your cocktail?  For a cotton candy cosmopolitan! Debbie and I were like little kids playing with this stuff in our drinks. Stealing chunks and popping it in our mouth.  Dropping little fluffy bits in and watching them melt…

Cotton Candy CosmopolitanCotton Candy Cosmopolitan

These would be a hit at any dinner party as an after dinner dessert cocktail, or digestif. Imagine serving your guests a martini glass full of cotton candy and a small carafe with your mixed cosmopolitan on the side.  Then you all cheers and pour the cosmopolitan mix over the cotton candy at the same time.  Maybe I’m super cheesy, but I think that would be fun.  You could serve a little cotton candy in bowls to go along.

Cotton Candy CosmopolitanCotton Candy Cosmopolitan

The cosmopolitan works great as a cotton candy cosmopolitan because a traditional cosmo isn’t very sweet at all so while the sugar in the cotton candy makes the drink much sweeter, it’s not overpowering. And of course, you could add as much or as little of the cotton candy as you like.  You wouldn’t want to have too many of these though, or you will likely pay dearly for it the next morning….

Cotton Candy CosmopolitanI have to say that this was one of our most fun cocktail shoots. I think it was party because the mirror looked so cool (Debbie wants me to tell you that it was her idea. And it was…) and also because we had to drink a few of these before we got the pour shot right.  Can’t just keep pouring the same cocktail for this one and we couldn’t just let a perfectly good cotton candy cosmopolitan go to waste now, could we? Ah… no!  That’s not how we roll.

Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan

Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan

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Servings: 2
Author: Cooks with Cocktails


  • 1 or 2 handfuls of cotton candy
  • 1 oz lime
  • 3 oz vodka
  • 1 oz cointreau
  • 4 oz cranberry


  • Place the cotton candy in two glasses.
  • Pour the rest of the ingredients into a martini shaker with some ice. Shake well and pour over top the cotton candy when ready.

Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan

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  1. I love cotton candy. It reminds me of how happy I was as a little girl I remember going to the occasional carnival or fair and, along with my sister, enjoying a big paper cone full of pink cotton candy. Our brothers were not at all interested, and that was OK with the two of us. Our parents were only to happy to indulge us. It was just a few times a year, and that part of it – the rarity of it – made it all the more special. Now that I am an adult and enjo0ying a nice Cosmopolitan now and again. why not mix the best of both worlds! This is lovely, and your photos are great. Complimenti!

    1. Yes! I think of carnivals when I think of cotton candy too. Although I didn’t go as a child, I used to take my daughter whenever the carnival rolled into town. She got cotton candy and I got a caramel apple 🙂

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