Savory Infused Vodka

Vodka is our drink of choice.  Hands down.  A liquor cabinet staple in both of our homes.  I love a dirty vodka martini here and there and beyond that, vodka just goes with every kind of juice and even tastes great with a splash of water and lime juice.

So anyways, Debbie and I were talking one day about what we could do with vodka to make a different drink to try.  We threw around a few ideas and then one of us had the idea to make our own infused vodka.  After a little back and forth, we decided to try some savory flavors to make Cesars with.  To make our amazing Ceaser even more amazing. Yum!  Click here for the best Ceaser recipe ever.   So a couple weeks after this conversation, these are the infusions we tried:

Savory Infused Vodka

Cucumber:  chop a whole cucumber and throw it in a jar.  Fill with Vodka.

Dill and Garlic: peel a whole head of garlic and throw it in a jar with a package of dill.  We didn’t chop the dill.  Fill with Vodka.

Roasted Garlic: roast a few heads of garlic and throw 2 or 3 heads in a jar.  Fill with Vodka.

Dill Pickle: chop up 5 or 6 dill pickles and throw them in a jar.  Fill with Vodka.

Savory Infused Vodka

Once you have your jars filled, store them in a cool dark place for 2 to 4 weeks.

One Week Update:

Vodkas are starting to take on flavor.  We found the Dill and Garlic one to be just very garlicy so we are taking out some of the garlic and adding another package of dill.

Three Week Update:

Vodkas are very flavorful! Debbie made a caeser with the roasted garlic and it turned out great!  Good galicy taste.

Two Months Later Update:

Oh my word, these vodkas are so good.  They have all fully taken on the flavor of their savory ingredient.  Since the Vodkas have been residing at Debbies house, I frequently get a text accompanied by a picture of my dad, Marks, favorite flavor that day/hour.   The top two are the Pickle and Dill in varying order.


If you like Vodka and especially if you like Caesars, you must try your own.  We will be figuring out what other drinks these taste good with in the near future.  Stay tuned…




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